Another year...

This is the 2nd time having chinese new year without family and without all the home-made, i mean all the good tasting "home-made"foods and the "environment... with holidays and the things that makes today the same way as it used to be...
being away for almost 1 and 1/2 year now, things really go pass fast...still the feeling of home makes me want to be able to get home as soon as possible...
Had dinner with cousins and some of our friends just now, things was just not enough to fill all of us...some of us are full, some are semi-full, some are not full... not a good start..
forgot whether we are allow to hold the knife today, but i did anyway...didnt think much about it, make some foods, and went to bathe, and eat and call home for each family and talk with mum and dad and aunts and uncles, telling us to study harder... still misses being at home and having holiday today... BUT... today is raining ice, so the roads and pathway are slippery with ice on top of them, so they decided to close the university at 2p.m today, but my classes ended at 2 too, so what is the difference.. there will be an announcement later at 5 am, whether the university is open tomorrow.. everybody was hoping that it will close for tomorrow too... but who knows....
the road is really slippery today, saw a couple of people who had fallen because of the pathway and some are enjoying ice-skating on it... so different people have different perspective.. they put salts ( big size not the cooking salt) and sand to make it easier to walk on the roads...but still people were falling down, saw one who fell twice within 2 mins... really very dangerous...
really havent update for my whole life already...
so these are the updates.. :D my blog is still alive, just not that active...

-waiting for "a" reply, i just have to have one....-

-gong xi fa cai, wan shi ru yi, xin xiang shi cheng, nian nian you yu and shen ti jian kang...-


As the time goes...

As time goes it's way, things have been different, very much different from wat it used to be...so many things have happen and it seems that things have been happening over again, the same things but the feeling is much deeper this time, getting more scared...
having exam tomorrow and really scared this time, if i dun turn my grade this time, i really dunno wat will happen to my grade this semester, i tried hard... but y things are not the way i thought it should be... getting the marks i got for my finance 2nd exam really pulled me down real hard, it was one of the exam that i really did study hard and really tried my best, getting that grade really makes me want to give up again... really felt so down... going to give it another try this time, hope things can be different...
i'm missing my parents who i thought wont be really this bad...things have not been going right and hoping they were here was one of my wishes, maybe encouraging me, or giving me the fear and they so called "advice" to get me into studying,being scared of them really can give me the motivation to study...
Things really get me hard this time...feeling helpless, i'm really tired...i know it cant be compared to some others but I Am Not You, i am me...

going to study...



Happy birthday to me...

haha...had BBQ yst night. near midnight have another small celebration, tintin make a cheesecake for us..it was nice!! and pretty too, when i first saw it,haha..u know what i meant tintin!! :DD
it was somehow great but think abt it, 19 is not really smth to celebrate for,hahah.. 18-legal age, 20-starting of ur age with a number '2' in front, 19-last year of ur teenage years.. ehrm... i dunno,not the same as i predicted but had fun still... slept at 4 am that day,talking and have a small small gathering.. :DD

today though is birthday,but classes wont be canceled bcs of this,hahah..woke up at arnd 7 today,have to help elisa at 8 am with the international expo thingy,moving stuff to su... after i went to throw trash when she pick me up,she suddenly start singing 'happy birthday' song,hahaha!! so surprise and funny!!
was so so so tired... during jap class i was like nodding my head and almost falling asleep during class,was so tired! after that went to help out setting up the stall to sells our SATAYS!!! i didnt eat any though,hahah...was so tired. and hot,and the clothes are all smells of the charcoals!! errr... we manage to sell all of them, YEAH!!

skipped class at 1:30,so was planning to go to the other section but aaron help me hand in attendance and he told me abt the tips for the exam,so didnt go in the end!!hahaha...went back to see if they need help moving the things but they left,so went to take the bus... got home at arnd 5 pm,bathe bcs sticky and ate something...was so sleepy!! check my mails for awhile then went to sleep till 10 pm just now,ahahah...get up do my management which was due ltr at 12!! c'mn..why so busy!!

now gg to study for exam on friday!! :((
so gambate!!

P.s thanx for the celebration and the wishes and the gifts... :DD



Busy busy busy days are over for now...friday management exam 2...wish me luck....
there's expo,children fair,welcome back party,haha...busy week..
today help out with the expo foods,satay again.. :DD got to learn how to marinate it,hahaha.. learn quite a few things these days, em em em...not bad...
tomorrow and the day after tomorrow and the day after the day after tomorrow are classes and classes and classes..
Tuesday plan to have BBQ party,but maybe it's gg to be cold,and i dunno hope everything goes well,dun want to have any expectation, high expectation leads to a big disappointment... when things are going right maybe expecting it to stay the same is a bit too much, so maybe i should think of the opposite way... when some good things happen,it means that something bad is gg to happen soon, can't be having good times all the time, bad times and good times are always crossing each other,so they come one after another continuously..

receive xiangwei's snail mail,was kind of surprise,hhahah,with all the random stuff,hahaha...sending her one when i got the time,by this week for sure.. :DD
back to playing cabal again,.was kind of bored so played for awhile and then find myself keep playing non-stop,ahahaha...so now was kind of getting back into it once again... kills time very fast, can be there playing for hours without noticing the time...
tml is class again,time to sleep...


-tired-dun feel good-

+things isn't gg well as i thought..i dunno..i'm tired and...scared...+



it's been long, so many things happen, just finish my management exam 1 and there'll be more exams coming,so i'm sorry if i didnt reply ur testi or msg,i'm so sorry..if i got a time i will reply all at once.. and there's be international oympics cming this week.join badminton and volley,hope can have fun!! :DD

sch have been ok for me now,coping with hw, and really get myself the feeling of studyin...this week is really busy with all the quizes and hw due on the same day!!! so i'm trying to get everything settle..
i think i should be sleeping soon after i reply all ur msges.. :DD

nite here,and early good morning over there (singapore!!) :DD

+things have been changing,really fast change+


Summer trip'o8

This vacation was the longest and quite fun i can say,towards the end it was kind of relaxing and really nice to just get away from Stillwater!! not saying this place is not good but if u think abt staying in this place for years, u'll try any way to just get away from it even for 1 day!!
-First we went to
BOSTON!! ehrm..i dunno how to describe this place, it's like a crowded city area, and the Chinatown is scary and subway are everywhere...haha. Went to walk arnd Boston to see some nice buildings and we went to HARVARD and MIT, didnt have any special feeling for both places,haha. the sch was huge and it was different from OSU of course.went for a boat ride to see whales! we saw it,guess we are lucky huh, i'm nt sure how many are there but it was an experience seeing something u nvr knew u'll get to see.they are huge and some which are still young i think,but there are cute. :DD
then after a 4hrs bus ride........we reached
NEW YORK!! a more crowded place!!it was really more more more crowded and the people there are more too, and yellow taxis everywhere, is yellow taxis a symbol for new york?! maybe.. Went to empire state,spent most of our days there, queueing up and waiting for night time to arrive to take nice pictures of the city, it was beautiful!! and went to find a place to eat after that. we also went to Macy's where we didnt spend much time, went hard rock, and TIME SQUARE!! it was beautiful at night with the lights on, there was M&M world and Hershey's, where i spent lot's of money at, and i that's when i stop wasting money on unnecessary things, but still i spend a lot during this trip,u just cant help it sometimes. we eat at places like Hard Rock, Dallas BBQ and a Korean restaurant,tried Korean food and it was nice. and spend most of the money on foods!!HAHA. Went to see LIBERTY! took 1/2 hr boat ride or maybe faster to see her,it was nice taking a walk arnd here and it was also not that tiring. then is lunch, we just ate too good during this trip.
then the next stop......
BUFFALO!! where NIAGARA fall is at, we simply just relax at that place, we usually wake up arnd 8 in the morning so we can leave the hotel at 9 but at buffalo,we just sleep till everybody wake up,and that's like always arnd 2 pm,HAHAHA.went to see the falls and took the boat "Maid Of the Mist",get near the fall and took pictures, we also went near the fall to get a feeling somewhere near the fall, it was cool and really an experience too! and the good thing abt the hotel is it's near the fall, the room was spacious and there was washing machine and dryer,where we wash our clothes,haha. took some night scene of the falls where there are lights shining towards the fall,it was beautiful and then we just went back to our hotels and keep watching the olympics,haha. then it's time to leave the fall.
And the Last stop!!
WASHINGTON D.C!! this stay was also quite relaxing, wake up late and then went out to eat good asian foods. the shop there closes arnd 7:30 in the evening,so we didnt really stay out late there. the hotel was unique, it was like an olden days hotels,the lift was different it still uses the doors where u have to open and close by urself it's just so beautiful i can say. i think we spent most of our time in our hotels, but we did went out to see the WHITE HOUSE, world war memorial and State capital--> by far,we are tired by the time we get close to the state capitol,so went back to have dinner and back to the hotel watch olympic,haha.we went looking for hard rock too arnd chinatown and after buying stuff we get our dinner and then back to the hotel for olympic agn,hahaha...and the last night of our trip we really had a lot of fun playing card games and doing punishment,it's SO FUN!! That marks the end of our trip!
Had lots of fun getting to know each other i dunno better or worse,haha. it was a different feeling gg on a trip with frends, it just fun. :DD
then it's time to go back to stillwater and worse the next day is when school starts!! AAAHHH!! was tired and really tired, and find that we have not get out of our holiday mood!! so everybody was still so SIAN for sch!
sch was fine for me but still the mood hasnt come yet!!
hope everybody is doing fine for this semester!! :DD


new york!!

Will be flying to new york tomorrow!! seriouly,i'm not looking forward to it, but i really really hope it's gg to be fun.relaxing and fun..
things happen for a reason, but it seems to me now that the reason are so so so BULLSHIT... i dunno why cant life cut me some slack here, stop making it so hard to live with, uugghh..it's not a really big thing but it still bothers me.. btw i'm not feeling really down, i'm gg new york tmr!!
just hoping things goes well for everybody!!
drove down to the airport 2 days in a row, seriously my eyes are really tired and it's night. so tired...on the day we pick tin2 up was arnd 2 am, and there are fog on the highway,it was so scary,u cant really see wat's infront of u and seriouly it's my first time driving without big bro so kind of scary,drove slower and things wasnt gg well at the beginning,making me more nervous, but we reach there and home safely,so thank god!!
2nd day,wasnt feeling really happy.so ask bro if i can go to the airport to pick indra instead,and suprisingly,he said yes,so went with ana and daphne,she was there doing puzzle so asked her along..it was an experience and it was fun-listening to Wonder Girls-"Tell Me",haha,i really likes driving long journey and listening to music,i hope i can drive a more longer journey,maybe 4 hrs drive to dallas or somewhere further. hope there's one day which i could...

AND!! heard some good news, malcolm and jessie are getting married, i think they are really a cute couple. :DD i hope i can be there for their wedding,though it's been long since we contact but hope they are happy and really blessed!! :DD

it's 3:30 am here, gg to sleeping now...